Friday, 24 August 2012

Mexican @ Touche Hombre

Where: Corner Lonsdale St & Tattersalls Lane (Melbourne CBD)

This is one of the newest mexican places in town and I hope it’s here for good – because it is awesome. The food and the ambience are fantastic, even the authentic cups and plates add that something extra to the experience.

The menu is easy to understand and a manageable size AND the tequila menu is actually longer. I went for dinner the other weekday with a friend, and these are the tasty treats we tried.


Fatty Lamb ribs
- absolutely melt in your mouth, and with just enough sticky sweet honey

TFC (aka Fried chicken)
- the rich and creamy habanero sauce was the perfect match (finger lickin’ good)

Tacos (we tried 3 types)

De Carnitas (aka Pork)
- my favourite of the night

El Secreto (the daily secret surprise taco)
- this was great fun, we ate chicken hearts the night we went (it really is good although that they don’t tell you what the secret ingredient is till afterward)

De Jaiba (aka soft shell crab)
- the Crab batter was a bit too oily for me after our entree's, but it did work really well with all the other taco's flavours (perhaps get it to share)

And several Tommy margarita (delicious)!

Make sure you do give it a whirl (with several margaritas alongside of course), however I would recommend ordering a salad too as the meal sat a bit heavily in my stomach without one (or this could have just been a product of my over indulgence).


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