Saturday, 4 May 2013

Nama Nama

On my (frequent) trips to Melbourne, I love to wander around the city. In terms of cities I've lived in and visited, it's not vast or even that busy, but I enjoy the quietness; a contrast to the weekday hustle and bustle.

I know I am not alone in this enjoyment, slowly there has been a shift in the weekend food options throughout the city. I'm not talking about the thriving restaurant business that requires hours of queing for lunch or dinner. I mean the small places that you can meander into, sit at a table by the window and settle in for a few hours of slow eating and world watching.

Nama Nama is opposite Treasury Gardens with views of Parliament House. It allows you to stare out at the lush greenery or watch as multitudes of wedding photos are taken...and if you are like me - the opportunity to critique their fashion choices!
Set in the old Verge site, you have Nama Nama downstairs with its hand made udon and the exclusive Hihou bar upstairs.

Now onto the food, I've been here on both a hot and a cold day as I think how you feel changes not only the food you want to eat, but how you enjoy it.

What we ate:
  • Cold Udon with Tofu and Mushrooms
  • Bento Box
  • Udon with soup and wagyu
  • Orion (jokkey size)
The udon here are not a perfectly shaped, thin noodle, they are more hand hewn with a changing thickness, but this just adds to the wonderful chewy lightness of the noodle. Either dipped into the udon sauce or served up in a warming broth, this is a delicious dish.

The bento options change regularly so I won't go through each of them as (so far) they have all been pretty spot on. In your custom wood box you get to choose from 5 categories: 4 side options and one more substantial mains. This a perfectly sized meal.

All up Nama Nama is a great place to lounge, people watch an eat

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