Saturday, 2 June 2012

Penny Farthing

What: Penny Farthing Espresso
Where: 206 High Street, Northcote VIC 3070

This adorable little bar/restaurant fits the bill for a chilled night out, close to public transport, great atmosphere and good food.

Named after the Penny-farthing high wheel bicycle – originally named such due to the large front wheel (Penny) and a much smaller rear wheel (farthing)– the restaurant has used a clever play on the words (and its origins in British currency) for their name and menu options.

With a Farthing (the smaller wheel) representing their smaller dishes or entrées, and a Penny (the larger wheel) representing their larger dishes or mains.

Entrée (aka Farthing)

  • White bean & fennel croquettes served with chilli & lime dip
  • Polenta, fig & chevre stacks with black sesame ash & toasted pinenuts
  • Rice flour crepes topped with duck, prosciutto & radicchio, finished with pomegranate kernels

 Main (aka penny)

  • Baked field mushrooms stuffed with ricotta, lemon thyme, olives & sundried tomatoes
  • Confit duck legs on orange & sweet potato puree with beetroots, candied walnuts & coriander


  • Crispy chat potatoes tossed with chives & served with a mint aioli


The best dish of the night was definitely the confit duck leg – WOW!

I have to say I least preferred the mushrooms and polenta – as I thought they were a bit too sweet (rather than savoury) and thus unbalanced to my palate.

I recommend ordering several farthings and penny’s and sharing with friends (plus a bottle of wine of course).


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