Friday, 12 July 2013

Industry Beans

What: Industry Beans
Where: Warehouse 3, 62 Rose St (Cnr Rose & Fitzroy Streets) Fitzroy 3065

Given the plethora of amazing breakfast and brunch places that are in Melbourne's North (with a new one practically opening every day), our patronage is not easily won.

It takes the combination of amazing coffee, friendly staff, and an inventive and tasty menu to grab our attention. Furthermore - if a cafe is hoping to lure you into becoming a regular customer (and you don't live just around the corner) then the menu has to be diverse, include everyday classics, and continue to evolve to keep you interested.

Sound like an impossible task for any small business owner  - but many of Melbourne's finest cafes are managing to achieve exactly this - and I am happy to say that Industry Beans can join their ranks.

The Coffee

  • perfect, smooth and strong
  • multiple bean and brew options available
  • good range of sugars to add

The Food

  • Brioche French Toast
    •  Served w/ cold drip coffee maple pearls, pure maple syrup, blueberry molasses & double whipped cream (we added Bacon too)
  • Deep Fried Duck Eggs
    • Panko crumbed poached eggs on shaved fennel, watercress & toasted chestnuts topped with capsicum curls on a orange infused sweet potato puree (we added chorizo - thanks to the waiters advice)


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