Thursday, 3 October 2013

La Tortilleria

What: La Tortilleria
Where: 72 Stubbs St, Kensington VIC 3031

This amazing authentic Mexican corn tortillas restaurant/producer will not disappoint. The menu is short, simple, and incredibly authentic. From the moment you walk in, the smell of "the real" Mexico hits you.

What we ate: 

  • Quesadilla - Sencilla (plain cheese)
  • Taco - Al Pastor (free range pork w/ pineapple)
  • Gringas - Al Pastor free-range pork with cheese in between two big tortillas
  • Mexican Hot Chocolate (just like you get in Mexico - AMAZING)
  • POSTRES(aka dessert) - Flan

Review:  The food is simple, very quick and fresh. The staff are delightful, the decor amusing, the experience to die for. Additionally - make sure you pick up some take away Tortillas on your way out (they  freeze really well too).


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