Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Asian Tonight

What: Laksa Me
Where: 1/16 Liverpool Street, Melbourne CBD, VIC 3000

The Meal:
Oyster on Oyster – was definitely my favourite dish of the night. Menu description: Pacific oyster arranged on top of a grilled oyster mushroom which has been lightly cured in a lemongrass, chilli and fresh ginger dressing, partnered with julienne of green apple and finely sliced fresh herbs. AMAZING

Other dishes ordered and recommended:
  • Oyster Shots (very well balanced, and nice kick of basil)
  • Lolly Pop (vegetarian eggplant – battered and fried)
  • Thai Beef Salad (traditional, fresh, and delicious) 
  •  Laksa Lemak (how can you go to Laksa Me and not get a laksa right?) 
  •  Pad Thai (a good staple)

Review:  This delightful little modern asian restaurant, tucked in the back-streets of Melbourne, truly is worth finding. As per their website, they really do offer “Modern Asian Cuisine with influences that draw from Malaysian, Thai, Chinese, Singaporean, Vietnamese and a bit of Italian cuisines”, and they live up to their concept of “Creative, Traditional and Australian versions of Asia Pacific Cuisine"

Bring a bottle of wine (as it is BYO) – I suggest picking one up at the City Wine Shop (located at 159 Spring Street, Melbourne CBD VIC 3000).


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